Network Operator (Detection of Abnormal Network Traffic Behavior)

  • By monitoring packet header information and packet transmission behavior, a behavior model from a specific website can be established to identify abnormal traffic from a specific website. It is not necessary to deeply analyze the contents of the packet to determine whether the packet is an abnormal packet.
  • By simulating real email attacks, it is verified that abnormal packets can be effectively detected and quickly identified.
  • The main targets are industries that need to detect abnormal behavior of network traffic, such as telecommunications industry and network operators.
  • Log Analysis - Fake News Detection

  • News is one of the media through which citizens obtain information, and correct decisions and judgments are made through news information. If the content of the news is full of wrong information, it will cause inestimable losses to the society.
  • In terms of text analysis technology, judging the context of Chinese is still one of the technologies that needs a breakthrough.
  • At present, there are correct text analysis and application for fake news.
  • Cooperating with us, possible major system vulnerabilities can be prevented in advance.

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